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At HuffPost, we report with empathy and put people at the heart of every story. We take a people-first approach in everything we report—be it news and politics or lifestyle and entertainment—and we cover real stories about real life. Regardless of who you are, where you live or what you believe, you can count on HuffPost to help you navigate what’s happening in the world and how it affects you. We consider the needs, passions and curiosity of our readers in all of our journalism. If something matters to our readers, it matters to us.

At HuffPost we:

  • Listen to our readers and cover the topics that matter to them;
  • Cover a diverse range of topics and different perspectives in a sincere, relatable voice;
  • Are truly both global and local, with locally staffed newsrooms and editions around the world;
  • Include a diversity of voices that are not always part of the conversation.


We believe diversity – in who we are, how we tell our stories, and among the people we write for – is critical to our mission. We aim to write for, and not just about, those left out of traditional power structures; to approach stories inclusively; and to serve a diverse audience with stories that matter to them. This means including a diverse range of voices in our reporting, actively pursuing diversity in our newsroom, and listening to our readers and viewers to make sure we're as open and responsive as possible.


HuffPost endeavors to be accurate in its reporting, transparent and thorough in its sourcing, and fair and independent in its analysis. HuffPost strives to verify and corroborate information via multiple sources whenever possible. HuffPost grants anonymity to sources so they can provide information in the public interest without putting themselves at risk; HuffPost does not grant anonymity to sources so they can avoid accountability for their opinions.

HuffPost works to correct any misstatements in a timely manner, with a correction note appended to the bottom of an article to indicate what has been fixed and how. More prominent notices may be included for more egregious errors. HuffPost will only retract an article after extensive review by a senior editor has found fundamental flaws in the reporting, and always with an editor's note.

HuffPost includes labeling to indicate when an article is opinion or advertising content (including sponsored content), and we disclose relationships with outside partners who may underwrite any area of coverage.

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Senior Reporters, Culture: Cole Delbyck, Curtis Wong
Reporters: Jenna Amatulli, Sara Boboltz, Bill Bradley, Marina Fang, Sarah Ruiz-Grossman, Nina Golgowski, Ryan Grenoble, Carla Herreria Russo, Ja'han Jones, Sanjana Karanth, Carol Kuruvilla, Lee Moran, David Moye, Lydia O’Connor, Mary Papenfuss, Kimberley Richards, Elyse Wanshel
Associate Reporter: Josephine Harvey


Senior Reporters: Jennifer Bendery, S.V. Dáte, Ariel Edwards-Levy, Matthew Fuller, Kevin Robillard
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Senior Enterprise Editor: Erin Evans
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Zeba Blay, Leigh Blickley, Emma Gray
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Senior Enterprise Editor: Kate Sheppard
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Reporter: Chris D’Angelo


Senior Enterprise Editor: George Zornick
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Reporters: Akbar Ahmed, Jesselyn Cook, Jenavieve Hatch, Alanna Vagianos, Travis Waldron

Civil Rights & Social Inequality

Senior Enterprise Editor: Samantha Storey
Senior Reporters: Melissa Jeltsen, Rebecca Klein, Christopher Mathias, Emily Peck
Reporter: Rowaida Abdelaziz

Deputy Enterprise Editor: Elise Foley

Senior Editor: Lauren Moraski


Senior Editors:
Kristen Aiken - Food & Style
Kate Auletta - Culture & Parenting
Janie Campbell - Money, 河北11选5遗漏 & Living, Work/Life
Lindsay Holmes - Wellness
Ashley Reich Rockman - Relationships

Senior Reporters:
Kelsey Borresen - Relationships
Catherine Pearson - Parenting
Todd Van Luling - Culture
Brittany Wong - Relationships

Caroline Bologna - Culture & Parenting
Casey Bond - Money, 河北11选5遗漏 & Living
Monica Torres - Work/Life


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Skipper Gong, Krish Nagpal

Public Relations: Luke Carron